Earn profits by staking Ingot NFT

A new DeFi project aim to combine the power of yield farming together the scarcity of Ingot NFT

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Ingot Farming is a new DeFi project aim to combine the power of yield farming together the scarcity of NFT.

Nowadays, in the most of DeFi projects, yield farming is only possibile by staking ERC20 Tokens and earn profit by this staking.
The idea behind Ingot Farming is to break conventional rules about yield farming and extend beyond this concept: the staking is not only limited to ERC20 Tokens, but also extended to NFTs.

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Ingot Farming is based on a iper-deflationary token economy in which the emission rate of the main token is subject to halves during time. This means that the emission decreases until a specific time where, at this point, current supply remains constant. Furthermore, in the early stage of project, most of the tokens and NFTs will be burned.
Principal elements of ecosystem are listed below

Token Emission

Emissions will be deflationary starting at 10 Ingot Tokens per block and halves every 4 weeks until it stabilizes after 24 weeks at 0.15625 INGOT per block.

NFT Store

At start of project you can buy Ingot NFT from Store.

Token Burning

At the end of pre sale stage, each time an Ingot NFT is bought from the store, all Tokens spent are burned to increase scarcity.

NFT Burning

Shortly, after 4 weeks from the launch, to encourage scarcity of the NFTs, all Ingot NFTs unsold will be burned, contestual the opening of INGOT/BNB Pancake LP.


Yield Farming is the core of the entire project, through the staking of NFTs or tokens you will increase Ingot Tokens .

There are two different pools in Ingot Farming system

Ingot NFT Pool

In this pool, you lock Ingot NFT to farm Ingot Tokens. The higher total energy of your Ingot, the more reward you will receive. Your share in the pool is determined by the Value of each Ingot and will be used in combination to the total Value of the Pool to determine the amount of percentage of tokens to issue.


In this pool, you stake in INGOT/BNB Pancake LP token to farm Ingot Tokens. The higher total tokens, the more reward you will receive.
This pool will be open after 4 weeks from the launch.


Ingot Token Distribution

This is the distribution of Ingot Token after 1 year of emission

Pre Sale - 1.950.000 (10,5%)

This will be the total amount for Pre Sale Stage. Hardcap to 1000 BNB

Initial LP on Pancake - 1.050.000 (5,6%)

After Pre Sale End this will be the total deposit in Pancake Exchange

Community Farming - 14.094.000 (75,5%)

90% of farming goes to the users based on powers of Ingot NFTs

Team - 1.566.000 (8,4%)

10% of farming claim goes to the development team

Ingot NFT Distribution

This is the distribution of maximum mintable Ingot NFT

12 Ingot NFTs type

There are a total of 12 Ingot NFTs type.
Each Ingot NFT have a different Value

Stake Ingot NFTs

You can use Ingot NFTs to farm Ingot Token

NFT Burning

After 4 weeks all unsold Ingot NFTs will be burned


2021 Q3
Launch on BSC & Open INGOT NFT Farming

Launch on BSC network
Start Pre Sale stage
Launch Pancake LP
Open NFTs Store
Open NFTs Farming

2021 Q3
Burn unsold NFTs & Open INGOT/BNB Pancake LP

Burn unsold Ingot NFTs to encourage scarcity
Open INGOT/BNB Pancake LP Farming

2021 Q4
Launch Governance

Launch Governace project to allow token holders to help shape the future of a protocol, deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself

2021 Q4
Launch on ETH

Repeat BSC steps on ETH



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